This release includes a few projects: Dynaphar, framework, generator, perstancy and xml2gui.

/Xml2gui is the most important and substantial part of this release.

/framework is a helper project with a few common functions.

/persistancy is our own litle perstance framework. This should be replaced by hibernate in the near feature.

/Generator puts it all togheter: it generates data access code (actually only mapping schema's), business logic and data forms.

/Dynaphar is a demo project which is generated from the generator.

/docs/ ------------------Includes all the current documentation:

/docs/api/ --------------Is the current api

/docs/logo/ -------------Includes the logo in photoshop and png

/docs/manual xml2gui/----The user manual of xml2gui

/docs/performance problems/ Documentation about some performance problems

/docs/presentation/------A presentation (currently only in dutch) about the total project

/docs/screens/-----------Some screenshots about the project