Target audiance

We are targetting two audiences: the developpers who want to create a swing interface on a quick and easy way and the power users, who currently uses access for creating their screens and databases.

Java developpers

You probely hate writing GUI's in JAVA. The idea of writing code for creating user interfaces is ridicoulus. Xml2gui makes it easy to define your Gui's. It makes you think about a clean seperation between user interface and controller code.

Power users

You use MS Access to manage you applications at work? You use ODBC to create linked tables with you own reports? You'll probebly have a complaining IT-manager who talks about the unmaintainability of your applications. We offer the solution! With xml2gui you're creating application on a industry standard: JAVA. Xml2gui makes it easy for you to create your own user interfaces that are interacting with company data sources.